To place an order on is a very easy process that involves just 3 simple steps. And it will take you less than 5 minutes to place your order and it will arrive at your door-step in less than 24 hours.

To place an order, kindly follow the steps below


Select the product(s) you want to purchase and simply click the “ADD TO CART” button as shown in the image below. If you want to see the product on a single page, just click on the product picture and you will be redirected.

Afro foods


Click on the cart basket at the top right corner of the page and you will be redirected to the cart page from where you can increase or decrease the quantity of your products and also select your shipping method. Your order must be up to N5000 before you can proceed. That is the minimum you can order. Else you will see an MINIMUM ORDER ERROR alert (see image below)


errororder less than N5000

Home delivery costs N1000 to any part of Lagos while pickup from our office in Apapa is free. Orders above N10,000 get free home delivery option. Please note, if your total checkout amount is less than N10,000 you will not even see the free shipping option to choose.


On the cart page, click “PROCEED TO CHECKOUT” button and you will be taken to the checkout page where you will enter your billing and shipping address and select payment method – Direct bank transfer or PAY WITH DEBIT CARD (i.e. ATM card).

Just click the PLACE ORDER button.

checkout-above10k1orders above N10,000

checkout-less1Orders below N10,000


If you select to pay online using your debit card, you will be redirected to a very secured page where you will enter your card details and make payment.

If you select to pay via bank transfer/deposit, you will be redirected to a page where you will see our bank details.