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The Power of Branded Packaged food stuff

Of all corporate gifts, there is no gift like the gift of branded packaged food stuff. Almost everyone loves and appreciates the gift of food. It’s hard to go wrong. There are thousands of gifts but the gift of Food is exceptional. The gift of branded food stuff knows no bounds and recipients are unlimited.

Gifts in kind donations to Food For The Poor as corporate social responsibility or charity purposes not only benefit the recipients, they help in fighting unemployment by providing jobs for the producers (mostly farmers) thereby having multiplier effect in the society. They also provide donors with a charitable giving option that offers several benefits as well as peace of mind.

Therefore, every  2kg or 5kg of packaged rice or beans an organization gives out, there is an improvement on the lives of an average Nigeria farmer who produces it, another who packaged, one other who distributes it, as well as the recipient who consumes it.

Who Can Benefit From This Gift

1.      Your Directors and their cronies

2.      Corporate staff

3.      Disaster victims

4.      Orphanage homes

5.      Charity organizations

6.      Customers

7.      Visiting customers during any events, promotions etc

Here are just a few ways that promotional gift-giving benefits your business

1.      Improve your corporate image and perception: A branded packaged gift helps to enhance a prospect’s opinion of you and your company

2.      Donation will reached where they are meant to reach

3.      The fear of diversion of your donations is ruled out since every bag is branded with your colours and logo couple with the inscription “not for sale” on each bag

4.      Everyone will got to know where the donation is coming from without asking

5.      No limit to recipients who will benefit from the gifts

6.      Highly visible  for everyone to see and appreciate

7.      Saves you money: Not only is a gift a thoughtful token, it can help to advertise you at a lower price than many other methods

8.      Generate leads: Promotional products can help to inspire curiosity and interest in your company

9.     Raise brand awareness: One of the best ways to “get your name out there” is to do it quite literally; a promotional gift with your company’s logo and name is a great way to raise awareness about your business



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Day by day Nigerian consumers are becoming quality and safety conscious about food; not only about appearance but also about food free of contamination because in the last ten years over 2,000 families have lost their lives through the consumption of Cowpea beans (NAFDAC 2011) most times refer as the “killer Beans”, the cause of these deaths are not far fetched; 97 percent of the beans available in the markets contain these chemical and pesticides.

Against this background Afro Foods and Spices Limited makes available to Nigerian consumers and West Africans in diaspora food products that are hygienically selected, refined, sorted, polished and tested against any harmful substance using the most modern instruments and safety standards at a competitive price using the most modern processing machines…